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Worth Knowing Wednesdays: 3 Podcasts Focused on Bettering Communities

3 podcasts from strong towns media

In this Worth Knowing Wednesday we are excited to share the work of Strong Towns. In their not one, not two, but THREE podcasts, you will find many topics that align with CDFW's mission to enhance the quality of life in Fort Worth communities.

From Strong Town Media:

Our podcasts bring you incisive and thoughtful analysis, inspiring examples of positive change, and eye-opening interviews with renowned experts. There’s something for every listener, from the passionate activist to the veteran urban planner or civil engineer.

The Strong Towns Podcast

Our longest-running podcast, the Strong Towns Podcast is a weekly conversation on the Strong Towns movement, hosted by Strong Towns Founder and President Charles Marohn and frequently featuring special guests. The podcast explores how we can financially strengthen our cities, towns, and neighborhoods and, in the process, make them better places to live. Join Chuck in examining how everything from urban design to economics to systems theory to psychology helps inform this core question.

The Bottom-Up Revolution

The Bottom-Up Revolution features the stories of the Strong Towns movement in action. Hosted by Rachel Quednau, it's all about how regular people have stepped up to make their communities more economically resilient, and how others can implement these ideas in their own places. We’ll talk about taking concrete action steps, connecting with fellow advocates to build power, and surviving the bumps along the way—all in the pursuit of creating stronger towns. Each episode features a Strong Towns advocate who is making positive change in their community.


Sometimes, a hot new story will cross our desks that we need to talk about right away. That's where Upzoned comes in. Join Gould Evans’s Abby Kinney, Strong Towns President Chuck Marohn, and occasional surprise guests to talk in depth about just one big story from the week in the Strong Towns conversation, right when you want it: now.


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