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A community Conversation for
fort worth

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About the Project

About the Project

Community Design Fort Worth's main purpose is to engage the public to create a more inclusive and equitable city by focusing on ideas and concepts not addressed by either the public or private sector.  All too often community members' voices are the last to be brought into conversations on development and planning in their area. We want to help change that.

This project will use data and feedback gathered from the citizens of Fort Worth to create a community conversation that comes straight from the people who live here. We want to give an opportunity for everyone in Fort Worth to let us know what they love, what they think needs to be improved, and their ideas for positive change.

We are excited to engage with the public and gather input that will help us identify projects that will create a more inclusive and equitable city for all of Fort Worth.


We know that it is only through community-led design that we can truly create a vision for Fort Worth that improves the lives of its citizens and creates a community that succeeds in providing something for everyone.

Tell Us What You Think!
Tell us what you think

Tell us what you think!

Community Vision Map

Tell Us About Your Fort Worth.

Use Your Voice. Change Your City.


Do you want to participate in the Community Conversation for Fort Worth Project?


Head on over to the project page to learn more and to use our online map tool to show us what you love, where it could be better, and where you have big ideas for change in your city.

Comment on your neighbors' ideas to start a conversation, check out our project FAQs and read up on our timeline.


Get More Information &

Help us Spread the Word


Have questions about the Community Conversation for Fort Worth project? Do you want to request a representative from CDFW to come and speak to your group?  Fill out the form below and we will be in touch!

Additionally, we are looking for people and organizations who can help share this project so we can hear from ALL Fort Worth communities! Please consider partnering with us to help raise awareness for CDFW and our Community Conversation for Fort Worth project to help create a better future for our City and its people. 

If you would like to be a part of making our vision a reality -- by helping us get the word out -- please contact us and we will provide you with a toolkit of material to make it easy for you to communicate this information when reaching out to your contacts.

Contact us about the Community Conversation Project


Project Events & Updates

Support Us!

Support us!

Community Design Fort Worth is a 501c3 nonprofit design center created by members of the community who believe the public should have a voice in the vision and design of our City. We are a collaborative group that is knowledgeable about planning and design and is passionate about elevating and inspiring our community for a better Fort Worth.

If you would like to support our efforts in creating a Community Vision for Fort Worth, please consider donating.

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