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ULI Dallas-Fort Worth Event- Affordable Housing, “You can’t afford NOT to have it”

Our Executive Director, Ann Zadeh will be participating on a panel hosted by ULI- Dallas/Fort Worth titled "Affordable Housing, you can’t afford not to have it." This panel will be held at a recently completed and incredibly unique adaptive reuse development in Fort Worth’s 6 Points Urban Village. A longstanding and community beloved historical church was adaptively reused in the creation of affordable housing units.


Thursday, August 25th 2022, 7:30am - 9:30am


Cielo Place Apartments

3111 Race St

Fort Worth, TX 76111



Range from $20-$50. Buy tickets before August 24th for cheaper rates!

Fort Worth is the 13th largest city in the nation. Tarrant County is one of the fastest-growing counties in the United States and is projected to double in population in the next 25 years. This growth represents a unique opportunity to develop and build housing to accommodate a mixed income of citizens who fulfill all the jobs needed to create a successful business community.

Please Join ULI Dallas-Fort Worth for a dynamic discussion about affordable housing, who it serves, how the deals are put together, what it looks like and how it creates successful communities and fosters economic development. The venue will be at Cielo Place Apartments - an impressive affordable housing historical renovation within the revitalized River East area, one of Fort Worth's sixteen Urban Villages.


Connie Blake

CEO, Generational Designs LLC

Connie Blake, Founder and President of Generational Designs, helps optimize profitability for developers of commercial and multifamily projects. Connie is a registered interior designer with over 30 years of design, sales, and marketing expertise to help developers create profitable projects, by connecting them with resources to increase cash flow, reduce construction costs, and attract ideal audience to their projects.

Ann Zadeh

Community Design Fort Worth

Ann Zadeh, a certified planning professional, is the Executive Director of Community Design Fort Worth. Her role at CDFW is focused on bringing expertise in public interest design, neighborhood planning, community organizing, affordable housing, and environmental resiliency, as well as planning and implementing community driven projects in Fort Worth.

Victor Turner

Neighborhood Services Director, City of Fort Worth

Victor Turner serves as the Director of Neighborhood Services for the City of Fort Worth, and the Assistant General Manager for the Fort Worth Housing Finance Corporation (HFC), which provides financing for affordable housing projects. Neighborhood Services leads the city’s efforts in community development, affordable housing, and social services.


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