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The deadliest road in America: Worth Knowing Wednesdays

"Being a pedestrian in the US was already dangerous. It’s getting even worse."

This article from Vox explores US-19 in Florida's gulf coast. This massive highway looks a lot like many we have here in Texas - 8 lanes, a 45-55mph speed limit, and covering the sprawl of several cities. Certainly not built for pedestrians, crossing a street like this can result in great effort and safety risks.

"Robert Schneider, a professor of urban planning at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, has never driven on this part of US-19. But amid a rise in pedestrian deaths across the country, Schneider and three of his colleagues — Rebecca Sanders, Frank Proulx, and Hamideh Moayyed — decided to look at the data on pedestrian deaths to try to find out where they were happening most frequently. "


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