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Our Community. Our Neighbors: A Gallery Opening by TCHC

A creative challenge undertaken by artist Laura Hunt to bring the humanity of those who have experienced homelessness to light.


Opening Night: Thursday, February 17, 2022 5:00-7:00pm

Show will run from February 17th to April 23rd (9 weeks)


Reception: Black Coffee

Gallery: Templeton Art Gallery at Texas Wesleyan University



Opening Reception General Admission Tickets | $100

We're excited for the opportunity to support the work of the Tarrant County Homeless Coalition! TCHC will be sponsoring a Community Design Fort Worth Design Talk on the topic of Affordable Housing in the coming year. The Our Communities. Our Neighbors. show will run from February 17th to April 23rd, and the works exhibited are available for purchase in support of the work of TCHC. We look forward to seeing you at this reception or at the Affordable Housing Design Talk to be scheduled!

Everyone has a story, and local Southside artist Laura Hunt makes the proactive connection between her art and the community issue of living without a place to call home. Restarting in 2021, after the pandemic, Laura began her process of portraying 26 individuals, with 26 stories over 52 weeks. Portraits will be on display for a two month long gallery showing in February 2022. We invite you to join us for the conclusion of this important journey.

Portraits are rendered in a contemporary style using mixed media on wood panels. Please consider becoming a supporter of this project to bring to light the realities of those experiencing homelessness in our community. All portraits will be available for purchase at completion. Proceeds from the sale of these portraits will benefit the Homeless Coalition and our vision of a community where everyone has a place to call home and the resources to live their best lives.


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